The thought of “budgeting” can sometimes intimidate people. 

The reality is, budgeting can help you take an honest look at your income, compare that income to your outgoing expenses and see where you may be spending in excess and where you can make some adjustments.  The budgeting process can be eye-opening and help you make changes by putting your money where you really want it to go.

Budgeting not only helps you ensure that your short-term financial obligations can be met, but also helps you take stock of what longer-term goals you may want to achieve.

For example, would you like to be able to save to take a family summer vacation?  Would you like to pay off your credit card debt by the end of the year? Would you like to save to purchase a new car in 6 months?  Would you like to put $3,000 into a savings account?

Budgeting can help you plan to achieve these goals.  And, the more you see yourself making progress toward your goals, the more motivation you have to continue working towards them!

At credit.org, we believe the cornerstone of financial security is personal financial education.

We teach personal finance, money management and budgeting skills to consumers.

Try out our simple, complimentary online budgeting courses today and watch your financial goals become reality!


Power of Paycheck Planning

Personal finance education begins with knowing how to plan. This course applies all of our expertise to help you create a budget. Learn strategies for categorizing your expenses, tracking your spending, and putting together a new budget.

Budgeting 101

This course is a great starting point for anyone who feels overwhelmed by all of the bills and paperwork standing between them and financial freedom. We teach you where to start, how to organize your spending, and what things you should prioritize when building your perfect budget.

Budget 911

If a budget emergency strikes, your best response is to act quickly. This course will teach you to live a more wallet-friendly lifestyle so you can weather any budget crisis. We’ll also help you find ways to save more of your income rather than spending every dime.